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Learn with Quantum Physics Corner

Discover our tailored online lessons in quantum mechanics and mathematics, designed for both individuals and small groups, catering to learners of diverse backgrounds and skill levels. Whether you're a student seeking clarification on perplexing mathematical concepts or a professional aiming to deepen your understanding of specific topics in physics, or perhaps an avid learner driven by curiosity eager to master quantum mechanics at your own pace, we have precisely what you need.

Connect with us to discuss your learning objectives, and allow us to customise our offerings to suit your unique needs. Reach out to us by completing our contact form or sending an enquiry to We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to support you on your educational journey!

Quantum Mechanics: Elementary Concepts

Unlock the fundamentals of quantum mechanics from the ground up. Explore key concepts such as the wave function and the Schrödinger equation, gaining a deep understanding of their significance. Investigate the intricacies of calculating expectation values and uncertainties, and grasp the profound implications of the Heisenberg uncertainty principle and wave function collapse. Unravel the meaning and implications of energy quantisation. Gain practical experience through hands-on analysis of some paradigmatic quantum systems, featuring oscillations, scattering phenomena, and quantum tunnelling.

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Maths Gym

Maths Gym offers a supportive learning environment where students, professionals, and independent learners can refine their maths skills through open-ended tutorial sessions. Unlike traditional courses with a predefined curriculum, Maths Gym provides a flexible platform for individuals to practise standard mathematical methods from calculus, linear algebra, and complex analysis at their own pace.

Participants have the freedom to focus on areas of interest or those where they seek improvement, whether it's differentiation, integration, matrix manipulation, or other mathematical techniques. Think of it as a virtual gym where you can customise your workout routine to target specific skill areas.

Get in touch with us via the contact form or to discuss your needs and explore how Maths Gym can help you achieve your mathematical goals.

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Quantum Mechanics: Expanding Fundamentals

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